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Commercial aviation: past, present and future

Comendador Rui Horta 

This paper focuses on the past, present and future of commercial aviation.

Concerning the present situation of commercial aviation, we can say that it is gradually becoming divided into two main scenarios: one is travelling between two points in a quicker and cheaper way in the so-called low cost aviation transport for masses. Another, and very different, is the more sophisticated and luxurious air transport, represented by the new aircraft type A-380, that includes all amenities we could think of: gym, shower, living room, etc. Both scenarios have a great and smiling future before them, as undoubtedly the demand for the two forms of travel will continue to grow.

If we think about the number of orders for new aircrafts that have already been made to aircraft manufacturers, it is estimated that approximately 80 to 90,000 new flight attendants will be needed over the next 10 years.

For this audience these are certainly good news…