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 Innovating the cabin: past and future of passengers' flying experience

João Pedro Taborda

This presentation will cover the on-going work at Embraer, aimed at innovating in the field of passenger flying experience.

As one of the Global players in this industry, Embraer has been enhancing its knowledge and technological capabilities, focusing on the integration of cabin solutions able to match customers expectations in terms of comfort while differentiating and increasing the competitiveness of Embraer products.

In pursuing this goal, Embraer has been developing studies where new design tools and methodologies are applied in order to measure the level of passenger flying experience, combined with new cabin concepts and use of new materials.

Such methodologies have allowed research teams at Embraer to improve their understanding of passengers needs, while materialising some of the ideas into innovative solutions that, beyond the improvement in flying experience, also take into account the efficiency and sustainability of the technologies being adopted.