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CRM as a tool for improving safety 

Alexandra Franco

The aviation Industry is a safe Industry that is constantly striving to become even safer.

CRM remains a success story of aviation and improvements in crew attitudes and effectiveness as a result of training have been documented and implemented in other high reliability industries (e.g., Helmreich & Foushee, 1993; Helmreich & Wilhem, 1991).

However, it is also true that human error accidents and incidents continue to plague the aviation system. Nonetheless, the charge that CRM has failed is patently absurd and reflects a lack of understanding of human nature and the role of CRM in organisations.

Humans are imperfect organisms and will necessarily make errors, particularly under the criticisms of CRM, as a failed endeavour in aviation safety did not take into account the organisational context in which CRM was delivered.

The objective of this presentation is to show the evolution of CRM, and how we can use it as a tool to improve safety.