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Aviation technique and aerophobia

Captain Javier del Campo Martín

To understand  "fear of flying", we must keep in mind that this phobia has two main features:

One that is common to all phobias is the process of psychological disorder that causes fear. An irrational fear (that is why it is a phobia), which does not correspond to a real reason (the plane is very safe) and produces symptoms that are real and cause a great deal of suffering.

Another feature which is specific to aerophobia  is the lack of knowledge of everything that is related to aviation technique, which means that passengers with phobia cannot be reassured with answers to the many questions that occur in their minds. The lack of answers enhances fear, fear causes symptoms to appear and that feeds the phobia.

This is why it is so important to give explanations about Aviation Technique as a  preliminary and indispensable step to be able to overcome fear of flying, followed naturally by the appropriate psychological treatment.

It is fundamental to address the subjects that often preoccupy passengers (and sometimes some cabin crews), who experience fear of flying. In my experience teaching the IBERIA course and that of the Wolters Group since 1990, these issues are:

- Failure in the landing gear

- Failure after V1

- Wings twisting

- Turbulence: orographic  turbulence (landing under crosswinds), thermal turbulence and storm-related turbulence.