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Fashion and ergonomics in cabin crews' workwear

Professor Michele Santos, PhD

Within the universe of fashion design there is an area of great importance, which is that of workwear. But in the conception and development of workwear it is sometimes a challenge to integrate design, the specific needs of these professionals and ergonomics.

However, there are methodologies which allow applying ergonomics in workwear design and help designers introduce this element in the development of their projects. In the presentation we will focus on a methodology developed in a sample of Portuguese cabin crews, which applies some of the principles of kansei ergonomics. The aim of this methodology was to understand the feeling and sensations users had concerning their workwear and translate them into design elements. The knowledge of these aspects can make a strong difference in the development of working clothes and in what users feel when wearing them, thus increasing user satisfaction, as well as their well-being and in some cases even their performance. The application of kansei ergonomics in a context of cabin crew uniforms has also enabled us to implement a user-centred design methodology.

We have been able to conclude that there is an interest on behalf of users, organisations and designers to apply and integrate kansei ergonomics. We hope that in the future more user-centred workwear design projects may be carried out that meet the needs of each activity, of the working environment, of safety and of the limitations and preferences of each user.