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Bad shoes, big problems

Dr Ricardo Silva, PhD

Our feet are a crucial part of our body that we normally forgot, and we do not give them the care they deserve. Feet support the body structure, absorb the ground impacts, ensure the blood venous return and many other functions. When discomfort or pains are felt, this may represent an advanced stage of a foot pathology, which implies in a significant amount of cases the solution throughout chirurgic procedures.

How can we prevent feet disorders and give them best protection they need? Everyone empirically knows the answer: a good shoe. But the question still persists: What is a suitable shoe? Answer is not so simple, because it depends of the environment conditions where the feet are exposed.

Foot swelling due different pressure conditions, inappropriate shoe fit, slippery in airports, ankle turns, thermal amplitudes, body electrostatic discharges, x-ray security control, among several others are specific conditions that cabin crews are exposed and that regular shoes does not accomplish. So, a bad shoe lead to higher incidence of injuries, foot deformities and influence the health the users, permanently.

Knowing these facts, Skypro’s specialized footwear RTD Department focused in development of the world first cabin crew shoe, leading to a set of edge technical solutions. In this communication are presented in more detailed the main features that a good cabin crew shoe shall have in order to ensure professionals the higher safety, protection and well-being. Also, shoe selection best practices are foreseen for prevention of future feet deformities, pathologies and pain.