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The evolution of uniforms over time

Alves & Gonçalves

When creating a uniform line for an airline company its authors must make use of all their expertise by combining elements which are intrinsic to fashion design, such as innovation, comfort, durability and an aesthetic appeal, with the reinforcement of the identity and values of that airline company, which are based on differentiation, credibility, confidence and a positive attitude.

Given the costs that a creative project of this kind implies, it is very important to take into account in its conception the durability of the aesthetic proposal, which will be subject to the constant evolution of the fashion system. There should be modernity through time because the uniform of an airline company moves today through a widely global and cosmopolitan universe and the plane, as well as the airport, are true catalysts of our dreams and triggers of our imagination.

It is for the general public as well as for those travelling with business purposes that the appearance and image conveyed by the professionals who provide services on board as well on the ground it is so important. Besides the necessary professional skills, their image must also represent the specificity of each user as an individual who is proud of the company he/she stands for, and who is at the service of passengers with a confident and positive attitude on a daily basis, thus transmitting the qualities and the whole universe of emotions that the airline company wishes to convey.

A professional with a strong image and aesthetically refined will certainly reinforce these values and emotions!!! Today, the public is more and more aware of fashion design trends and developments, thus compelling airline companies to be extremely attentive to these evolutions and create uniforms accordingly.