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Rituals of social interaction: improving network and knowledge (Workshop)

Professor Fernando Sousa, PhD & Professor Ileana Monteiro, PhD

This workshop aims at obtaining possible solutions to improve networking  that value face-to-face knowledge and interaction.

It will begin with a 15-minute presentation on the value of face-to-face interaction rituals, explaining what can be lost in technology mediated interaction. Technology-mediated interaction does not allow the expression of non verbal and emotional communication, so important to build close relationships and to build from human social determinants like honor, pride, shame or dignity, which are shared during rituals. Rituals are collective repetitive behaviours that give meaning to symbols pertaining to the serious life. From a single handshake to the most complex ceremony, rituals must not be seen as habits or automatic behaviours, as they require attention to symbols, aesthetics and style.

The second part of the workshop is designed to foster active learning. Therefore, participants will be organized in groups and asked to define problems associated with networking and personal knowledge in their daily activities. Next, some of these groups will be asked to report the most important problems, and participants will select the main one. After problem definition, selected groups will define the tasks necessary to solve the problem.   All groups will work on these tasks and, before the general debriefing, some of them will be asked to report their conclusions.

The suggestions of every group will be mailed to all participants.